Teach with us

Are you an experienced teacher looking for an online studio home?

We’re building a community of teachers who share our values:

  • Creating a warm, welcoming environment for all students
  • Creating dance, yoga, and movement classes that are accessible and joyful
  • Sharing global practices (such as yoga and ethnic dances) with respect for their cultures
  • Engaging deeply with our subject matter as an eternal student
  • Offering classes that are safe, well-designed, structured, and technically sound
  • Valuing the student experience above all

Why should you join our collective?

  • No need to maintain and update your own class registration
  • We handle e-mails, reminders, and other communications for you
  • We promote on social media and advertise
  • As a group, we can offer our students more value with shared ticketing and unlimited passes
  • One-stop shopping lets students discover new teachers and classes
  • We can support each other with shared challenges and goals
  • Our system lets you offer on-demand (recorded) classes and workshops as well as live weekly classes, all in one convenient location
  • You keep the majority of your earnings. We keep less than 25% for payment processing, promotion, website maintenance, and administrative costs

Are you a good fit for us?

We’re looking for instructors who:

  • Teach yoga, dances from around the world, and fitness classes
  • Have several years’ experience
  • Are comfortable with Zoom and have a good wifi connection, lighting, etc.
  • Share our values (see above)
  • Want to teach at least one weekly class live (more is great).


Tell us about yourself. We’ll let you know whether your classes seem like a good fit for us!