Indie Travel Guru

Destination pocket guides, articles, and ebooks for independent travelers.

I’m seeking destination guides that follow a very specific format. I’m also seeking articles and content for the Indie Travel Guru website.

Pocket Guides

Indie Travel Pocket Guides are short books for travelers who don’t want to be overwhelmed by a novel-length guidebook. A Guru Pocket Guide is aimed at budget travelers and provides:
  • An overview of a city
  • Best ways in and out of the city
  • A few Lodging options
  • Ideas for where to eat
  • Information on top attractions
  • Practical info, like great apps, bike sharing, and other resources
  • An appendix that includes language phrase cards and other tools.
These are written in a very specific format, so pitch your city and your writing background and if I think you’re a good fit, I’ll send you the guidelines.

The Website

The website publishes practical how-to information, listicles, photo essays, and destination guides (including abridged versions of the Pocket Guides).