Belly Dance U

Articles and books by authoritative writers for the belly dance community.

Think of Bellydance U books as textbooks (and workbooks!) for bellydance students who are at the intermediate  to professional level. They don’t have to be scholarly tomes, but they should be reliable, solid materials for dancers who want to further their education or are looking for information about professional careers in teaching or performance.
The perfect Bellydance U author is a seasoned instructor, someone who is known for their integrity and commitment to solid information. You’ve been teaching workshops for years, you’ve been published in the major publications in the industry, but you want to contribute something with more depth.

Kindle Singles

I’m interested in publishing short Kindle books, anywhere from 5,000 to 30,000 words. These will  allow you to delve much deeper into a topic than a blog post or magazine article allows, but without the commitment of writing a full-length manuscript. You can include images (if they are ethically sourced) and links. Sample Kindle book listing:


Longer books can be offered as both Kindle and Paperback options. Pricing for paperbacks depends on length, whether we choose color or black and white photos, and other options. Sample Amazon listings:

The Website

I’m also be looking for articles for the website as it grows. These can be distillations of pieces you’ve written for your own blog, or they can be original.  You can also include links to your own content. It’s a great place to share excerpts from your Belly Dance U Press book or kindle book, too.
Belly Dance U will be a selective environment, one readers can trust. Being published there will build your authority, keep your name in front of the next generation of dancers and event organizers, and increase traffic to your own site.
Hafla for Humanity
Note: BellyDanceU is also the sponsor of the Global Hafla for Humanity charity event.